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Land of the Lords!

Aullène is a large and peaceful village, at the crossroads (translation of the Corsican name "Auddè") of Ajaccio, Porto-Vecchio, Bonifacio, Sartène, Propriano and Corte.

Perched on top of the mountain, the typical grey granite houses give a particular character to this village, which seems unwilling to reveal itself.

Pleasant walks await those who linger there

A winding road (very easy to drive) of a few kilometres leads to a refreshing haven, hidden by the green shrubland: natural freshwater swimming pools where the villagers like to meet during the hot summer months.

The Cuscionu plateaus offer a breathtaking panoramic view of the rugged valleys of Taravo and Alta Rocca.

The gîte is the ideal place

The gîte is the ideal place

Our gîte is also the ideal place for those looking for peace and tranquility through walks and hikes. Many paths and walking tracks whose starting point is the San Larenzu gîte will allow you to appreciate the beauty and authenticity of our region.

There are also signposted routes for walking or cycling through the Ospédale forest and the Cuscionu plateaus.

The rocher oscillant (oscillating rock) trail

Discover the beautiful rocher oscillant walk.

Over 4 km long, this rather sporty walk is a must.

Recharge your batteries when you are back at the gîte du San Larenzu!